Kalpana Chawla International School

Art and Craft/Music/Dance/Singing facilities

  • KCIS provides an open environment for creative activities.
  • KCIS has special couches for teaching Art and Craft/Music/Singing and Speaking.
  • In KCIS every child can nurture their power potential and hidden talent.
KCIS Bus service

Motivational Seminars

  • KCIS Empower every child by best motivational videos and through learned personalities.
  • KCIS Empower to be a leader to every child and for this, we have special workshops.
  • By our CMD, MD, Principal, and HOD give powerful motivation to the children so they can feel energetic and powerful to do work beyond their real power.
  • In the morning Assembly, we provide every child with an open platform to express their thoughts.
KCIS Bus service