Kalpana Chawla International School


  1.  The KCIS PARIWAR Empower each and every child with high Ethical values and do hard work to create A Responsible, Accountable, Honest, Dignitiful and Valuable person in the Society.

  2.  The KCIS PARIWAR focuses on to develop the best manpower with high human values by the best guidance and mentoring them.

  3.  The KCIS PARIWAR has own system and process to build a child in the best way.

  4.  The KCIS PARIWAR focuses on every child in all-round development by Practicing in the field of Education and Sports as well.

  5.  The KCIS PARIWAR helps to be recognized and developed of those children whose father was a war hero and had sacrificed his life for a country, we provide them free of cost Education and all facilities without any cost. We also provide free of cost All facilities and Education to those who are extremely poor, widows, an orphan child who has extreme talent and wants to grow in their life to cultivate our nation.

  6.  The KCIS PARIWAR Provide free of cost all facilities and Education for those who are a national champion in any discipline like games, music, dance, science, and technology, etc.


  1.  The KCIS PARIWAR Respects – Honesty, Hard work, Seniority, Commitment, Value of time and Achievement of each and every child and Team KCIS.

  2.  The KCIS PARIWAR Respects – Our Cultures, Religions, Geography, Dignity of Individual and Our National Heritage without any basis of race, caste, and Religion.

  3.  The KCIS PARIWAR Believes in Collaboration and considers each and every child and Team members as a family member- That Means KCIS PARIWAR.

  4.  The KCIS PARIWAR has a Motive-  To cultivate  Leaders who can make Indian Again Vishva Guru and Golden Sparrow in 21st Century.